CAPAL/ACBES 21 Presentations

Below are the abstracts and presentation materials from the CAPAL21 conference.

The conference was held online from May 19 to 21, 2021.

The CAPAL21 conference program is at:

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SessionPresenter(s)Chair(s)TitleDescription from ProgramPresentation Materials and Papers
0ADalton, Randy Foor Koltutsky, Laura CAPAL21 KeynoteDescription
1ASeigel, AdamCraig, RomanyThe Research Library as Colonial Power: Control, Resistance, and Bibliographic IdeologyDescription
1BBerroteran, JeanineCraig, RomanyConfronting History and Facing Reality: The Role of Lifelong Learning in Decolonizing Cataloguing and Name Authority ControlDescription
1CPopowich, SamCraig, RomanyWhat do we mean by "structural" oppression? Social Structure, Individual Agency, and Approaches to EDIDescriptionPaper
2AGoodwin, GavinHatch, KellyClassifying diversity: Composer identities and the composer diversity databaseDescriptionPaper ; Slides
2BHenninger, EanHatch, KellyNot Separate and Not Equal: Linguistic Justice in Academic LibrariesDescriptionNotes ; Script ; Slides
2CIsbister, ChristianHatch, KellyIndian in the Metadata: Unpacking Student Relationships with Terminology in Library of Congress Subject HeadingsDescription
3.0Research and Scholarship CommitteeLavender, Graham ; Michelle GoodridgeResearch Mentoring ProgramDescriptionSlides ; Web Page
3ALi, Yanli ; Maha Kumaran ; Allan Cho ; Valentina Ly ; Suzanne Fernando ; Michael David MillerHector, EmilyRacism in Academic Libraries: Preliminary Findings from the 2021 ViMLoC Redux SurveyDescriptionSlides
3BBuschert, Kim ; Sajni LaceyHector, EmilyInterrogating EDI: An exploration of white supremacy in libraries using a reflective learning approachDescriptionSlides
3CEva, Nicole ; Mê-Linh Lê ; John SheriffHector, EmilyLess money, less children, and less prestige: Differences between male and female academic librariansDescriptionSlides
4AAdler, Melissa ; Marnie James ; Greg NightingaleGreenshields, MaryDesire in Sight: The Aesthetics of Knowledge OrganizationDescription
5.0Information Literacy Community of PracticeGreenshields, MaryConversations on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Information Literacy InstructionDescriptionSlides
5AWade, CarriePaterson, AmyHarm Done: Dismantling the Colonial & Anti-Black Structures of Medical ResearchDescription
5BSelman, BriannePaterson, AmyMillennium4All One Year (+) On: Fighting Securitization of Libraries & Skill (& Lack) SharingDescriptionSlides
5CGanjavi, MadhiPaterson, AmyImperialist Knowledge Production: The United States and the School and Rural Library Development in AsiaDescription
6AMahetaji, Kaushar ; Amanda YangGavaris, EvaSmart Libraries: A Smart Decision?DescriptionReferences ; Slides
6BKuntz, BlaireGavaris, EvaMargaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake, technological colonialism and the dystopian future for academic librariesDescriptionSlides
6CVanderSchans, Arielle ; Sarah Cornwell ; Alex MayhewGavaris, EvaAlternative Scholarship Through Role-Playing GamesDescriptionGame Deck ; Slides
7ATellis, Cecilia ; Michelle Brown ; Megan McMeekin ; Lisl Schoner-Saunders ; Julia WellsMoffatt, ChristineWhat can "inclusion work" in academic libraries look like? A glimpse into three distinct roles DescriptionNotes