Nominations Committee


The Nominating Committee is a committee of the board with the mandate:

• To seek nominations from among the regular members of the Corporation to serve as directors.
• To recruit and recommend from among the regular members interested in chairing a standing committee of the Corporation.

The Nominating Committee will be comprised of the chair, the past chair, a director (as liaison with the board), and five (5) regular members of the Corporation. The chair of the Nominating Committee will be selected by the board of directors. The Nominating Committee will carry out its duties in accordance with these by-laws and any applicable requirements of the Corporation’s Operating Policies and Procedures.


Laura Koltutsky (Calgary)
Jeff Newman (Chair)(New College, Toronto)

Please contact Jeff Newman ( if you are interested in the Nominations Committee, or if you have questions.

Terms of Reference

CAPAL Bylaws section 9.1.1 outlines for Terms of Reference for the Nominations Committee.