CAPAL/ACBES Public Letters

The following are public letters and statements from CAPAL/ACBES in response to issues of importance to academic librarians.

25. CAPAL/ACBES Statement on the IFLA selection of Dubai for the 2024 World Library and Information Congress (WLIC), July 3, 2023

24. CAPAL/ACBES Statement of support for the University of Manitoba Faculty Association, November 29, 2021

23. CAPAL/ACBES Statement on the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, Issued September 29, 2021

22. CAPAL/ACBES Letter to OCAD U President, May 20, 2021

21. CAPAL/ACBES Black Lives Matter statement, June 5, 2020

20. CAPAL/ACBES Statement on Academic Libraries and COVID-19, March 16, 2020

19. CAPAL/ACBES Statement regarding  CARL Consultation Draft of Competencies for CARL/ABRC Librarians, January 17, 2020

18. CAPAL/ACBES Statement on the Toronto Public Library’s Meghan Murphy event, October 29, 2019

17. CAPAL/ACBES Letter in support of UWO librarians and archivists, October 8, 2019

16. CAPAL/ACBES Letter to the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences regarding alleged racial profiling at Congress, June 8, 2019

15. CAPAL/ACBES Letter regarding Ontario Library Service funding, April 30, 2019

14. CAPAL/ACBES Letter regarding the University of Lethbridge instructor position, February 22, 2019

13. CAPAL/ACBES Statement on the CFLA National Forum Paper: AI and IF Key Policy Concerns for Canadian Libraries, November 2, 2018

12. CAPAL/ACBES Letter to Mount Allison University regarding the de-professionalization in library leadership, January 19, 2018

11. CAPAL/ACBES Letter to Commissioner Legault regarding sending two delegates to the Transparency conference, February 17, 2017

10. CAPAL/ACBES Statement on the US travel ban, February 2, 2017

9. CAPAL/ACBES Letter concerning the French American Reference Centre, June 25, 2016

8. CAPAL/ACBES Letter regarding University of Manitoba library staff cuts, June 20, 2016

7. CAPAL/ACBES Letter regarding the announcement to close 54 Public Library Branches in Newfoundland Public Libraries, May 4, 2016

6. CAPAL/ACBES Letter regarding the restoration of funding to Library and Archives Canada, November 27, 2015

5. CAPAL/ACBES Letter in support of McMaster University Academic Librarians Association, November 12, 2015

4. CAPAL/ACBES Letter regarding LAC’s proposal to move hosting of AMICUS to OCLC, August 13, 2014

3. CAPAL/ACBES Statement regarding the proposed reconfiguration of University of Saskatchewan Specialty Libraries, May 15, 2014

2. CAPAL/ACBES Statement to the Royal Society of Canada Expert Panel on the “Status and Future of Canada’s Libraries,” March 1, 2014

1. CAPAL/ACBES L Letter concerning funding and operations of Library and Archives Canada, August 8, 2013