2016 Census of Canadian Academic Librarians
Between June 27 and September 6, 2016 the Canadian Association of Professional Academic Librarians (CAPAL) conducted Canada’s first census of academic librarians. The census initiative received 904 responses. On behalf of CAPAL, the Census Project Team is pleased to share the 2016 Census of Canadian Academic Librarians User Guide and Results Summary report. The report is also stored and made available via the University of Alberta Dataverse data repository.

The French translation of the report is available at:

A Cross Tabulation Report is available here: 2016 Census of Canadian Academic Librarians Cross Tabulation Report

CAPAL Statements

Guidelines – Selection of Conference Organizers (Revised 2016)

CAPAL Statement on Academic Freedom approved at the 2016 AGM

CAPAL Conferences as Critical and Empathetic Spaces

CAPAL Statement on Collegial Governance approved at the 2015 AGM

2014 Statement to the Royal Society of Canada

Related: RSC Expert Panel Report: The Future Now: Canada’s Libraries, Archives, and Public Memory

Academic Freedom

CAUT Policy Statement on Academic Freedom

Academic Status

CAUT Policy Statement on Academic Status and Governance for Librarians at Canadian Universities and Colleges

Equity and Diversity

ACRL Diversity Standards: Cultural Competency for Academic Libraries (2012)

ARL Initiative to Recruit a Diverse Workforce

ARL Leadership & Career Development Program

ARL Career Enhancement Program

ARL/MLA Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

CAUT Policy Statement on Equity

Visible Minority Librarians of Canada Network

Research and Scholarship

ACRL Academic Librarianship and the Redefining Scholarship Project

A Library Writer’s Blog: Publishing and Presentation Opportunities in Library & Information Science

CARL Librarians’ Research Institute

CAUT Model Clause on the Scholarly Activities of Academic Librarians

CAUT Policy Statement on Scholarly Communication

1998 ACRL Statement. Academic Librarianship and the Redefining Scholarship Project  – Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL)

2010 September. CAUT. Academic Status and Governance for Librarians at Canadian Universities and Colleges  This statement highlights scholarship as a fundamental responsibility of academic librarians as part of their terms of employment.

Definitions of librarian scholarship in collective agreements:

Ryerson University Article 16:2

University of Guelph Article 25

University of Victoria Article 13.3.2.

Award and Grants

CARL Research in Librarianship Grant

CAUT Academic Librarians’ Distinguished Service Award

OCUFA Academic Librarianship Award

OCULA Award for Special Achievement

OCULA Lifetime Achievement Award

OCULA Student Award

OCULA New Librarian Residency Award

Education and Training

ALA Statement on the Terminal Professional Degree for Academic Librarians

Blogging and the Law

Librarian Guidelines

Specialized Topics

Health Librarians Wiki

Professional Blogs by Academic Librarians

Dupuis, John

Soutter, Jennifer

Michael White

University of Toronto Faculty Association Librarians,



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