Game-based Learning

Game-based learning can be defined as the creation and use of games that are designed to achieve specific learning outcomes in a particular educational environment. Games can be designed in various formats (e.g., card, board, video, immersive role playing) and have a variety of mechanics. Game content (i.e., the subject matter) includes the core concepts, information and skills that students are expected to learn.  The purpose of this Community of Practice is to create a structure that promotes best practice and builds common capability in game-based learning for academic librarians.


The objectives of the GBL CoP will vary over time, but will include:

  • To identify, gather, and seek agreement on the game-based learning community requirements;
  • To provide a forum for the cooperation of activities where game-based learning adds value to existing initiatives;
  • To identify linkages and opportunities for collaborative projects and to coordinate the delivery of game-based learning projects;
  • To report on progress and provide updates of projects and programmes that have game-based learning components;
  • To provide an informal point of contact for CAPAL members on the specific benefit or interest area that affects game-based learning.

Membership, Structure 

This CoP is open to all CAPAL members with an interest in game-based learning.  The format will be an hour-long monthly virtual meeting. There is a standing agenda, which outlines the main sections of each meeting and can vary over time:

  1. New members introduction;
  2. Roundtable: Where each member can briefly describe what they are currently working on and how members can help each other;
  3. Focused presentation or facilitated discussion: A presentation (as planned by the CoP) or discussion on a specific topic of interest. This presentation may be from CoP members and/or other;
  4. Future agenda(s): Opportunity for discussion about other issues and/or meetings.

Facilitated by Martha Attridge Bufton (

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