CAPAL Researcher Collaborator List

The CAPAL Researcher Collaborator List showcases information about librarians and their research interests to favour collaboration. The list is a resource that can be used to find collaborators, research study partners, informal peer review, and more. The list contains information on collaborators’ research experience (i.e. themes, methodologies).

The public information on the list (freely accessible, no CAPAL membership required) is volunteered by other librarian-researchers looking for collaborators. This resource was created by the CAPAL’s Research & Writing community of practice and the Research & Scholarship Committee.

We aim to make it easier for librarians to connect and collaborate on research projects that align with their interests. CAPAL is not responsible for making connections nor for how the public data is used. Researchers interested in contacting collaborators on the list should initiate contact themselves.

Librarians who want to be on the public list (readable by viewers outside CAPAL) can submit their details. Librarians who are looking for collaborators can feel free to view the list.

The submission form and collaborator list are available in English and French.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Researcher Collaborator List?

Researchers interested in reaching out to a collaborator should initiate contact themselves, using the contact information provided.

What are the first steps I should take when agreeing to participate in collaborative work?

We highly encourage research collaborators to make a written agreement with one another, based on Wendy Belcher’s two-person and multiple-person commitment forms.

What’s the best way to search through research interests?

As detailed research interests are text-fillable responses, you may find using the ‘find’ search feature useful (Control+F on Windows, Command+F on Mac).

How do I update my previous submission?

You’ll need the “edit my response” link from your original submission. If you no longer have this link, email Justin Fuhr ( and he can delete your original response after you’ve submitted an updated one.

How do I delete my submission?

Email Justin Fuhr ( and he can delete your original submission.