CJAL Invites Article Submissions on Research, Scholarship, and Canadian Academic Librarians

The identity of academic librarians as researchers is evolving. Engagement in research is increasingly becoming a professional expectation, leading to greater attention placed on the development and promotion of librarians as scholars. Within this context is a confusing mixture of circumstances. In some Canadian academic institutions, research and scholarship is an expectation for librarians’ tenure and promotion; in others, librarians interested in research carve out time for this activity amidst their other professional and personal commitments. Some academic librarians are discouraged from engaging in research at all. Further, the very nature of what constitutes scholarship for librarians is vague, leaving fundamental questions unanswered.

The CAPAL Research and Scholarship Committee (RSC) is inviting article submissions to a Special Issue of the Canadian Journal of Academic Librarianship (CJAL) which aims to explore the issues surrounding research and scholarship in academic libraries. We are open to a wide range of topics within the theme, including but not limited to the variety of definitions of research, the role of academic freedom (or lack thereof), and the influence of subject expertise in determining the parameters of research projects. We hope that the collection of papers in the Special Issue will inspire continued conversation concerning the status of research and scholarship in the Canadian academic library. The call for papers can be found here: http://capalibrarians.org/2018/01/call-for-papers-research-scholarship-and-canadian-academic-librarians/

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