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CAPAL/ACBAP’s committees do vital work for the association and for librarians across the country. This year six committees, including the newly established Audit Committee are looking for new members. CAPAL/ACBAP is the most active voice working to promote academic librarians in Canada. Serving on a committee is your opportunity to contribute your passion and expertise to this national-level conversation. Here are the committees that are seeking new members:

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee coordinates both internal and external communications related to the activities of the association. The committee also shares information of interest to professional academic librarians in Canada. The committee strives to provide communications in both official languages, French and English. We seek academic librarians with an interest in writing and editing projects for our blog, in support of our annual conference, and for our various social media channels.

Education and Professional Development Committee

The EPD committee looks at Educational and Professional Development opportunities within academic librarianship. We are currently working on developing a blog that will highlight EPD issues and opportunities.

Advocacy Committee

The mandate of the Advocacy Committee is to advocate for the rights, professional autonomy and the interests of academic librarians; to research and develop informed opinions which may be used in communications with members and the public; and to work with the standing committees, CAPAL’s Board of Directors and external organizations in the promotion and advancement of issues and causes.

Audit Committee (NEW COMMITTEE!)

As a new committee to be formed in 2017, the role of the Audit Committee will be to review the details of a financial statement that will be compiled using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is a standing committee of CAPAL/ACBAP responsible for the development of the association’s membership at large. Our goals include promoting volunteerism within the CAPAL membership and collaborating with other committees. For example, we are developing a membership directory based on feedback from the membership. This committee is a fantastic opportunity for CAPAL members interested in membership outreach and recruitment!

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is responsible for running elections for the Board of Directors, seeking out committee chairs and helping to identify members to serve on the association’s committees

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