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Canadian Journal of Academic Librarianship
Vol 2 (2017)
Table of Contents

Editorial in English

Éditorial en français

The Foundations of Naval Science: Alfred Thayer Mahan’s The Influence of Sea
Power on History and the Library of Congress Classification System
Ellen E. Adams, Joshua F. Beatty
The Situatedness of the Seeker: Toward a Heideggerian Understanding of
Information Seeking
David Tkach

Review Essays
Seeing the Forest for the Trees on Mars: Locating the Ideology of the
“Library of the Future”
Michael Dudley

Book Reviews
Pierre-André Tremblay, Michel Roche et Sabrina Tremblay, dir. Le printemps
québécois : Le mouvement étudiant de 2012
Roger Charland
Nicole Pagowsky and Kelly McElroy, eds. Critical Library Pedagogy Handbook
Carol Leibiger
Ronald R. Kline, The Cybernetics Moment: or Why We Call Our Age the
Information Age
Lukas Miller
Nathaniel Tkacz, Wikipedia and the Politics of Openness
David Mark Purdy
Carney Strange and Donna Hardy Cox, Serving Diverse Students in Canadian
Higher Education
Marta Samokishyn

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