CAPAL Update

Dear Members,

We want to thank you for your patience as, we, the members of the Steering Committee, are completing our first year together. Our first set of goals from last winter are nearly accomplished.  Hurrah! J

For a summary, see a short piece in Partnership: The Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research, by the CAPAL Steering Committee .

Even though the academic term is ending, there is a lot  happening. Our call for members to help organize our first conference, May 25-26, at Brock University as part of the Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences, was successful. Jennifer Dekker from the University of Ottawa and Rhiannon Jones from Alberta Health Services, Peter Lougheed Centre kindly stepped forward to work with members of the Steering Committee. The respond to our call for papers has been excellent and it will be difficult to make selections for the two-days we have planned. The support we are seeing is inspiring.

We are in the process of testing our new membership webpage. As we discussed last winter, we hope to set up CAPAL’s own website to collect membership fees and avoid paying the Eventbrite website fees.   We will write soon to provide an update on our membership campaign and website developments.

We could use more help with translation our posting for the French site – anyone willing to help out please contact anyone on the steering committee or Harriet Sonne de Torrens, Most of what CAPAL has accomplished is due to our dedicated volunteers!

In the summer 2013 survey, members specified that academic publishing, scholarship and advocacy were primary areas of concern that you want CAPAL to pursue.  We have started to prepare for these next steps. Currently, open access publishing is being discussed and an offer has been made by the University of Toronto to host CAPAL’s publications. We are examining the first option of an ‘inaugural publication.’  This will enable us to have members, like yourself, to become involved and test preliminary plans and determine what direction to go in this area. This is at the ‘investigative’ stage and we will need the expertise of our members as we begin to lay plans for the coming year.

Advocacy was a big concern. We know there are numerous issues related, indirectly and directly, to our profession which need to be addressed. For those interested, it is time to begin to think of how CAPAL can begin to fulfil this goal. For 2014, what do you think we need to examine? What contributions/projects can CAPAL initiate and pursue to ensure that other library associations and post-secondary associations, like CAUT, OCUFA, address work-place issues? CAPAL wants to work with other organizations – and we will, but we need to prioritize what we undertake. Can we begin a discussion on the listserv? Read our statements on the webpage to recall what we believe our mandates and mission is – and then, let’s talk.

Lastly, start thinking about the conference in May 25 & 26 at Brock University. We will hold our annual membership meeting at that time. Pending topics include CAPAL’s election mandates, as per the constitution, and prioritizing our goals for the coming year. We look forward to your input.

Remember, everything CAPAL undertakes is accomplished by volunteers and we have limited resources. We are, however,  determined and creative – so there is no doubt we can accomplish what you want CAPAL to undertake. Remember when we started talking about the formation of a new organization dedicated to our profession a few years back at the symposium organized at the University of Toronto?

Just briefly, before we conclude. We have an active student chapter at the University of Western Ontario and a new one forming that the University of Toronto iSchool in the coming new year.

Let’s keep talking, exploring ideas and thinking about how best to prioritize our next year.

Thank you for your on-going support. From the CAPAL Steering Committee


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