Time to Renew your CAPAL Membership

Dear Members,
Members of CAPAL’s Steering Committee would like to extend a warm thank you for your support and on-going encouragement. CAPAL is one year old on December 18, 2013! We have a new website ready at http://capal.wildapricot.org/ for you to renew your membership and manage your membership info.
We have kept the fees as low as possible while providing enough funding for the Association to thrive:

  • If you are employed fees are $49.18 ($47.50 + $1.68 online payment fee)
  • If you are a student, retiree or not employed, fees are $20.88 ($20 + $0.88 online payment fee)

To renew, just go to the site and click the Membership Renewal link or use this direct link.

We are on track – and now moving to the next phase! Please do check it out, and if you encounter any problems, please contact Douglas Fox douglas.fox@utoronto.ca or Harriet Sonne de Torrens harriet.sonne@utoronto.ca

Thanks again for the support and encouragement — it means a very great deal.

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