CAPAL Conference 2014

Below are the available presentation slides and papers from the CAPAL 2014 conference.

The conference was held at Brock University, St. Catharines, ON, May 25th – 26th, 2014.

The CAPAL 2014 conference programme is at:

Unless otherwise indicated, the authors of these conference presentations hold the copyright for all slides, papers and associated materials posted on this site. All rights are reserved, and no part of the presentation materials, text or image or other medium, may be used for any purpose other than personal use, without the consent of the presenter(s).

Session No.Presenter(s)TitlePublished Item(s)
1AKoltutsky, LauraAcademic Freedom, Shared Governance and the Role of Post-Secondary EducationPaper
1AZoricic, Christina ; Leanne OlsonPeering into the Gap: An Exploration of Technical Services Outsourcing and the Library ProfessionSlides
2ARichmond, LisaInformation as a Problem for Human Freedom: Jacques Ellul’s Contribution to Library SciencePaper
2BLuyk, SeanTwenty-First Century Music Librarianship: Variations on a ThemeSlides
3AFarnum, Cecile#saveLAC: Information Workers, Digital Activism and Discourses of ResistanceSlides
3AHoffmann, KristinIs the Sky Actually Falling? Using the Theory of Fields to Illuminate Contemporary Discourses in Academic LibrarianshipSlides, Paper
3BBrydges, Barbara ; Kim ClarkePermeating the Porous Boundary Between Librarians and Faculty ResearchSlides
4ABail, Jeannie ; Ryan Lewis ; Amanda PowerInternationalization and the Canadian academic library: What are we offering?Slides, Paper
4AWeston, WilExploring the Online Information-Seeking Strategies of Education Graduate StudentsSlides
4BCameron, Andrea ; Ania DymarzProfessional Practice in a Shifting Landscape: Goal Setting and Self-AssessmentSlides
5ALê, Mê-LinhResearch: Getting StartedSlides

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