CAPAL-ACBES 23 Presentations

Below are the abstracts and presentation materials from the CAPAL23 conference.

The conference was held at York University, Toronto, June 1 and 2, 2023.

The CAPAL23 conference schedule with links to abstracts is at:

Unless otherwise indicated, the authors of these conference presentations hold the copyright for all slides, papers and associated materials posted on this site. All rights are reserved, and no part of the presentation materials, text or image or other medium, may be used for any purpose other than personal use, without the consent of the presenter(s).

SessionPresenter(s)Title (linked to description)Slides
A1Wheatley, Amanda ; Helen PowerTrimming the Hedges: How do Librarians Set Boundaries Without Clear Expectations of Labour?Slides
A7Kwak, Aneta ; Kristin HoffmanLearning Together: Online Research and Writing Communities for Academic LibrariansSlides
C2Clarke, Kim ; Alex Alisauskas, Sydney BurtonWe Listen, We Act: Building Resilience through Person-Centered InitiativesSlides
D4Khan, Nalissa ; Nathan Wolfe, Candy Yip, Kaley YoungMaking Library Help Guides Accessible: Our Experiences at the UTM LibrarySlides
D6Power, HelenRepotting with Purpose: The Impact of Organizational Restructuring on Embedded Academic LibrarianshipSlides
E5Minix, Amy ; James Henry Smith, Thea AtwoodCultivating a Space to Grow: Implementing A Community of Practice Among Academic Librarians to Explore MultiliteraciesSlides

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