March Member Profile


March member profile is Christine Moffatt, Academic Initiatives Librarian


What is your current role?

Academic Initiatives Librarian


If you could visit any library in the world, which one would it be and why?

I’d visit Gladstone’s Library in Wales—I love the thought of having afternoon tea and staying overnight in the stacks of a beautiful old library.


Tell us about something you’re passionate about outside of work.

I’m not sure if I’m at a “passionate” level for these things, but I love anime, manga, and cozy gaming. I was incredibly lucky and spent my first career as a Category Manager at a local chain of comic book stores, and I love the art styles and stories in all three. I’m in between games at the moment, so recommendations are welcome!


What were you doing before you started your current work position?

Before I landed my current job, I was a researcher at the Problem Lab, which is part of the Velocity Incubator at the University of Waterloo. I coached students through the research process and helped judge a couple start-up pitch competitions. I’m excited logging into LinkedIn now to see how many students continued with their ideas and are now launching their own businesses!


What are you most excited to be working on right now?

I’m thrilled to be creating and updating modules on Sheridan’s Academic Skills Hub—sharing tips and tricks on areas like time management, studying, and more has been so much fun, and we’re starting to embed these modules in courses too. I’m aiming to create more content for (and with) neurodivergent students, and I want to add content for students dealing with chronic illnesses too.


Weigh in: is CAPAL pronounced ‘capple’ or ‘ca-pal’?

I’m team ‘Capple’ (rhymes with Apple)!


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