Research & Scholarship Mentorship Program Now Open


Dear Colleagues,
Ever wanted to be mentored, or mentor current and future academic librarians, in research and scholarship? The CAPAL Research & Scholarship Committee is excited to invite you to apply to our Mentorship Program. Applications are now open for both mentors and mentees.

The application deadline for the Pilot program is June 30, 2021.

The CAPAL Research & Scholarship Mentorship program is an opportunity for current and future academic librarian researchers to receive feedback on their work throughout the research process both from formal mentors and from their peers. The program pilot will run from now until April, 2022, and will require a time commitment of one meeting per month. Here are the Guidelines.

For Mentees: Students and professionals at all levels of experience are invited to participate as mentees, and they will be assigned to small groups based on their research interests, with a mentor leading each group. Mentees will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback on topics such as:

  • Finding collaborators
  • Research Methodologies
  • Writing for publication
  • Selecting appropriate venues for publication

For Mentors: If you feel you can help guide mentees through some of these topics, please apply to be a mentor! Each mentor will lead a team of 2-4 mentees. The Research & Scholarship Committee will assign mentees to teams, to ensure even distribution, based on research interests indicated on the application form.

If you have further questions about the program, please email


CAPAL Research and Scholarship Committee

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