Save the Date: CAPAL Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Webinar

Save the date!


CAPAL’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines community of practice presents its inaugural webinar for Global Accessibility Awareness Day.


“Making Library Computers and Browsers Automatically Adapt to Users who have Trouble Using Them”

Presented by Gregg Vanderheiden (PhD), Professor in the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland.

When:  May 17th at 1:30pm (EST)


Stay tuned for registration details and a detailed abstract for this talk.


About the speaker:

Gregg Vanderheiden has worked in the area of technology and disability for over 45 years and has been pioneer in cross-disability access to ICT of all types. He is the Director of Trace Research & Development Center at the University of Maryland – College Park, director of the the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Universal Interface and Information Technology Access (NIDILRR/ACL) and co-director of Raising the Floor, a international consortium of companies and organizations building the Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII).  His work can be found in Apple, Microsoft and IBM operating systems, phones, Automated Postal Stations, Amtrak ticket machines, and airport terminals. He co-chaired both WCAG 1.0 and 2.0 working groups, and has worked with over 50 companies and government advisory & planning committees including FCC, NSF, NIH, GSA, NCD, Access Board and the White House.  Dr. Vanderheiden holds degrees in electrical engineering and biomedical engineering. He received his Ph.D. in Technology in Communication Rehabilitation and Child Development, an interdisciplinary degree between the departments of Electrical Engineering, Communicative Disorders, Rehabilitation Psychology & Special Education and Educational Psychology, from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in better serving patrons with both visible and invisible disabilities.

About the CAPAL community of practice

CAPAL’s WCAG community of practice meets via Skype monthly and focuses on studying and discussing the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (2.0) and increasing our ability to implement them. While the technical nature of this document can be challenging for most, the group aims to serve as a place where we can navigate these guidelines together and work towards developing WCAG informed solutions to meet the challenges academic libraries face.

CAPAL members are welcome to join and are encouraged to contact Mark Weiler (Web & User Experience Librarian, mweiler[at], Wilfrid Laurier University)

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