CAPAL supports petition E-1090 (Access to Information)

The CAPAL Board has pledged its support and signed petition e-1090, a petition before the House of Commons that “[calls] upon the Government of Canada to immediately begin the process of turning over all historical documents to LAC; reform the ATI and Library and Archives Canada Act to ensure historical material does not remain hidden outside of LAC”.

The petition was drafted in response to the revelation that several governmental institutions including the Privy Council Office, Global Affairs, and the Department of Justice have withheld historical material from Library and Archives Canada (LAC). CAPAL as an association is committed the principle of uncensored and unbiased access to information, and calls on the government to transfer these historical materials to LAC and to reform the Access to Information Act and the Library and Archives Canada Act to ensure future documents will be appropriately archived. Access to historical government documents is important for researchers and crucial for the advancement of social knowledge in Canada.

CAPAL joins the Canadian Historical Association (CHA) as a signatory of the petition, and encourages its membership to individually sign. The petition closes on September 8th, 2017 at 4:31pm (EDT).

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