Picture yourself on CAPAL’s board of directors

That’s right — YOU! You and your vision, your insights, and your passion should be on the board. Why? Because you know how important it is to have your voice heard. Your voice can help CAPAL prosper and improve the careers of other people just like you.

More voices = a stronger CAPAL

At its heart, CAPAL is an advocacy group. Indeed, it is the only Canada-wide organization dedicating itself to our cause. How can an organization advocate on your behalf without hearing your voice at the highest level — beyond surveys and outreach — where decisions and choices are made?

Academic librarianship in Canada is not a monoculture. The people, the institutions and the practices across the country vary widely and are born out of a panoply of cultural, regional and local priorities and traditions. Help us to weave those stories, experiences, perspectives, and viewpoints into the fabric of CAPAL’s activities.

You + The Board = a better CAPAL

CAPAL is still a young organization in the process of charting its course. The Board needs your voice to keep the community strong and to keep the Board inspired and accountable to academic librarians across the country.

In the coming weeks, CAPAL’s nominations committee will be seeking names to stand for election to the Board at the AGM in May. Put your name forward to stand for election to the board. Not ready to serve at the national level? There is no better time to nominate a trusted colleague to help the Board carry on the work of advocating for academic librarians at the national level. Help the nominations committee put together a strong, vibrant election for the Board of Directors at this May’s AGM. Submit your nomination via this form.

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