Summer Update – Good News!

Dear Colleagues,

Gradually we are achieving the goals we set at our last membership meeting in the winter. This is to update you on the developments. The following tasks have now been completed:

1. CAPAL is officially a national non-profit corporation, as of June 12, 2013. June 12th is our official annual anniversary.

2. CAPAL’s official names are: Canadian Association of Professional Academic Librarians   &  Association canadienne des bibliothécaires académiques professionnels

3. CAPAL Constitution has been written. We needed to submit a constitution to the government when incorporating, as part of the package requirement. We view this version as a good starting point from which we can now commence the next phase of our work. You may have questions or concerns about this version of the constitution, so we are planning to open up the discussion at our next annual meeting to review your questions, concerns. In the meantime, we think we can move into the next phase of work. CAPAL constitution (pdf copy)

4. CAPAL’s website is up and running. The bilingual version is currently being worked on, as is the membership component of the website development.

5. Next Meeting for CAPAL will be the annual meeting. We are in discussions with the Federation of the Humanities and Social Sciences to hold our next meeting and planned conference at their 2014 Congress at Brock University, entitled “Borders without Boundaries”. CAPAL supports academic endeavours and research. It is a suitable environment for our first planned conference. More on this soon. We will be looking for volunteers to help us organize this national event.

6. A student Chapter of CAPAL has formed at the University of Western Ontario in London under the leadership of Mark Weiler. We applaud their enthusiasm and appreciate their active support. If others wish to start student chapters, please contact or Mark Weiler for information on how to get this started.

6. NEXT STEPS. A survey will go out to all members in the next week. This survey will determine our next set of priorities. We urge all members to participate. Committees need to be established and priorities set. Your input is vital if we are to continue to move forward. More soon.

7. NEXT STEPS. Members seeking to become involved, please contact us. Committees are listed in the Constitution and leaders willing to take on some work are needed.

On behalf of all on the the CAPAL Steering Committee,

Have a safe and pleasant summer!