CAPAL Conference 2019

Below are the abstracts and presentation materials from the CAPAL19 conference.

The conference was held at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC, June 2-4, 2019.

The CAPAL19 conference program is at:

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SessionPresenter(s)TitleAbstractPublished item(s)
0Robertson, Tara[ Lack of Diversity in Academic Libraries ]Abstract
1AEdwards, Ashley ; Julia LaneThe Politics of Decolonization and Indigenization: Grappling with the colonial roots of our academic support services (Panel).AbstractSlides ; Paper
1BCritten, JessicaToward a Critical Evidence-Based Library and Information PracticeAbstract
1BCowan, Sandra ; Romany CraigContemplative Librarians: A Brief IntroductionAbstractSlides
1CBales, StephenThe Kynical Academic Librarian and Institutional DeclericalizationAbstract
1CTaylor, Dominique Identity, capitalism, and critical librarianshipAbstract
1CDrabinski, EmilyClassification and Power: Filipiniana and the Shape of Library SpaceAbstract
2AMagnus, Ebony ; Maggie Faber ; Jackie BelangerCritical conversations: A dialogue on assumptions, biases, and power in library assessment (Panel).Abstract
2BKoltutsky, Laura The Emotional Labour of Canadian Liaison Librarians in an Age of AusterityAbstract
2BNeigel, Christina The Politics of ‘Women’s Work’: The Gendering of Librarianship in Popular CultureAbstract
3AWade, Carrie ; Kevin SeeberCritical Perspectives on the Pedagogy of “Post-Truth”Abstract
3BLee, DeborahResearch Data Management: Conversations from an Indigenous PerspectiveAbstract
3BDudley, MichaelMultidimensional Cultural Safety: Working with Campus Micro-CommunitiesAbstractSlides
4AYounging, Gregory (Dr); Camille Callison ; Ann Ludbrook ; Kim NayyerIndigenous Knowledge, Intellectual Freedom, Copyright Issues and Academic Libraries (Panel)Abstract
4BBachmann, JamesHow to See the Invisible: Creating and Engaging Diversity that Can't Be SeenAbstract
4BPopowich, Emma ; Fr. Harold Drake ; Lori Giles-SmithSupporting Diversity: Employees with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Canadian Academic Libraries.Abstract
4BLi, Yanli ; Valentina LyVisible Minority Librarians: Mentoring Expectations, Benefits and ChallengesAbstract
5AGreenshields, MaryImagining the Edifice: Library Consultation & the Social Construction of the Ideal SpaceAbstract
5AIshida, Mayu ; Kat McGrath ; Tamis CochranePositive Space Workshops at UBC LibraryAbstract
5ALeibiger, CarolNot always a straight line: Connecting IL instruction to online studentsAbstractSlides
5BSelman, BrianneScholarly Publishing isn’t Neutral: Our Quest to Opt Out of Big Deals and Invest in Fair Open AccessAbstractSlides
5BYates, ElizabethAre we walking the talk? Tensions between librarians’ values, academic freedom and open scholarship.AbstractSlides
5BMcElroy, Kelly ; Emily DrabinskiYou Won, Now What?Abstract
6ACassidy, Melanie ; Erin Menzies ; Ali VersluisDisrupting Traditional Power Structures in Academic Libraries: Saying No, How to Do it, and Why it Matters (Workshop; note: Goes until 5:00).Abstract
6BZvyagintseva, Lydia“Do you want to talk about this today?” The politics and power of conversation in a librarian podcastAbstractSlides
6BHemming, DeborahInformal and Anonymous Voices: The Unexpected Value of Unsolicited Feedback in the Academic LibraryAbstract
7AYin, Crystal ; Ean Henninger ; Adena Brons ; Chloe RileyLet’s Talk Precarity (or Not): Labour, Communities, and Conversation (Panel)Abstract
7BZvyagintseva, LydiaImagining service as relationship in the academic library.Abstract
7BCowan, Sandra Diverse Knowledges, Diverse Methodologies: Artists ResearchAbstractSlides
7BCarter, RichardThe Creative Collaboration Craze: Best (or Worst) Practices for Innovation in Academic LibrariesAbstractNotes ; Slides
ZZYousefi, BaharakAlways Already Violent: Love and Refusal in the Academic LibraryAbstract