CAPAL Conference 2018

Below are the abstracts, presentation slides and papers from the CAPAL18 conference.

The conference was held at the University of Regina, Regina SK, May 29 – 31, 2018.

The CAPAL18 conference program is at:

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Presentations from CAPAL18

SessionPresentersTitleAbstractPublished item(s)
00St. Denis, Verna ; Sheelah McLeanAlly-ship in Libraries in an Era of ReconciliationAbstract
01Schmidt, JaneInnovate this! Bullshit in academic libraries and what we can do about itAbstract
1ADekker, JenniferThird Party Intervention in Collective Bargaining DisputesAbstractPaper
1AMoist, Shannon ; Chloe RileyLabour in Solidarity: Librarians in Unions in Colleges and Technical InstitutesAbstractSlides
1BBlackwell, Jessica ; Chris ReadIndigenization and Reconciliation at University of Waterloo LibrariesAbstractSlides
1BLangille, DonnaDecolonizing Academic Libraries: Critical Information Literacy and Truth and ReconciliationAbstractSlides
1CEva, NicoleLibrarians as Mothers: Stepping Outside the StereotypeAbstractSlides
1CKlein, Sara ; Bartlomiej LenartIn Search of Shifting and Emergent Librarian IdentitiesAbstractSlides
1CPopowich, SamTheory as Material Force: Marxism and the Challenge of Academic LibrarianshipAbstractPaper
2ANicol, Chris ; Tami Oliphant ; Toni Samek ; Carol Shepstone The MLIS Degree -- Really, Why Bother? -- Part 1Abstract
2ASamek, ToniThe MLIS Degree -- Really, Why Bother? -- Part 1Video
3BCarlisle, Emily ; Roger ChabotJust How Open is Open Access? Exposing Problematic Elements in bepress’ Digital Commons Discipline Taxonomy for Institutional RepositoriesAbstractSlides ; Paper
4AKumaran, Maha ; Aditi GuptaWhat is Diversity? A ConversationAbstractSlides
4BHarrington, Marni ; Ania DymarzConsultants in Academic Libraries: library literature meets the voices on the groundAbstractSlides
4BRyan, PattiLiturgies of Leadership: Examining the Conference Site as House of WorshipAbstract
5ADekker, Jennifer ; John Fink ; Sam PopowichLabour, Solidarity, And LibrariesAbstract
6ACampbell, Paul ; Heather Howard ; Wendy GirvenNarrowing the Scope: Transitioning from general librarianship to specialized subject librariansAbstract
6ACampbell, PaulNarrowing the Scope: Transitioning from general librarianship to specialized subject librariansSlides ; Paper
6AGirven, WendyNarrowing the Scope: Transitioning from general librarianship to specialized subject librariansSlides ; Paper
6AHoward, Heather Narrowing the Scope: Transitioning from general librarianship to specialized subject librariansSlides ; Paper
6BAllison-Cassin, Stacey ; Anna St. OngeSurfacing Knowledge, Building Relationships: Indigenous Communities, ARL, and York University Libraries Abstract
6BRobson, Krista ; Michelle Edwards Thomson ; Victoria Cardinal-Widmark ; Lloyd DesjarlaisThe Academic Librarian's Role in Supporting Indigenous ResearchAbstractSlides
6CDowell, MeghanAcademic Freedom and the Liberal Arts LibrarianAbstractSlides
6CGorman, SarahStudying Library StudiesAbstract
6CRibaric, TimCodifying Academic Freedom: An Examination of Collective Agreements for Librarian Specific LanguageAbstractSlides
7ACarr-Wiggin, Anne ; Sheila Laroque ; Tanya Ball ; Kayla Lar-Son ; Sharon Farnel Stepping Forward Together: Lessons from Reconciliation Projects at the University of AlbertaAbstractSlides
7BLeibiger, Carol A. ; Alan W. Aldrich"Michelle Obama is a man": Problematizing Authority in Today's Post-Truth, Post-Trust WorldAbstractSlides
7BOliphant, TamiWe Are All Experts Now: The Academic Library and "Information Users"AbstractSlides
8AAllan, Jonathan A. ; Heather E. TornblomObtaining the Unobtainable: Researcher and Librarian Collaborations for Enhancing Access to Unconventional Information ResourcesAbstract
8ALi, YanliAcademic Status of Librarians and its Impact on SalariesAbstractPaper
8AShrubsole, JenniferThe Polytechnic Librarian: A Minority Voice in Academic LibrarianshipAbstractSlides
8BBielka, AdamCold Emailing as a Research ToolAbstractSlides
8BClar, Monique ; Assia Mourid ; Marie-Ève MénardCreating and Sustaining a Library Journal Club in a French-Language UniversityAbstractSlides
8BGlisson, LaneTeaching Humorous Accounts of Fake News - And Why They're Not So FunnyAbstract
ZZKumaran, MahaThe Banyan Tree and Diversity - An AnalogyAbstract
Abstracts, slides and papers from the CAPAL18 conference

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