Over the past twenty years, academic librarians have worked to define what constitutes scholarship and professional creative endeavours in their complex and diverse academic communities. The following extracts from different sources will provide you with different examples. Many of the fields listed have evolved from collective bargaining initiatives. In the future,  with the assistance of our members, one of the goals of CAPAL is to formulate its own statement on the breadth, depth and scope of what constitutes academic scholarship in our communities.

1998 ACRL Statement. Academic Librarianship and the Redefining Scholarship Project  – Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL)

2010 September. CAUT. Academic Status and Governance for Librarians at Canadian Universities and Colleges  This statement highlights scholarship as a fundamental responsibility of academic librarians as part of their terms of employment.

Definitions of librarian scholarship in collective agreements:

Ryerson University Article 16:2

University of Guelph Article 25

University of Victoria Article 13.3.2.

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