Education & Professional Development Committee


  • Share educational and professional development opportunities with current library students and
    academic librarians in Canada
  • Raise awareness of issues regarding the current state of library education in Canada
  • Monitor accreditation process in Canadian library education and seek out opportunities for
    CAPAL-ACBAP involvement


Communities of Practice

The Education & Professional Development Committee promotes and supports Communities of Practice (COPs) to share information and experiences, increasing knowledge and awareness of timely and important issues in librarianship.

Current Communities of Practice include:

  • Information Literacy, coordinated by Helen Power (helen.power AT and facilitated by Carol Leibiger (c.leibiger AT
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, facilitated by Mark Weiler (mweiler AT
  • Research and Writing, facilitated by Michael Dudley (m.dudley AT and Rhiannon Jones (rc.jones AT
  • Game-based Learning, facilitated by Martha Attridge Bufton (MarthaAttridgeBufton AT
  • Displays and Exhibits, facilitated by Anna Flak (flaka1 AT

If interested in joining a Community of Practice, please contact the facilitator. If interested in creating a new Community of Practice, please review the Community of Practice Guidelines and contact the EPD Committee chair (james.murphy2 AT

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