Education & Professional Development Committee


  • Share educational and professional development opportunities with current library students and
    academic librarians in Canada
  • Raise awareness of issues regarding the current state of library education in Canada
  • Monitor accreditation process in Canadian library education and seek out opportunities for
    CAPAL-ACBAP involvement


Communities of Practice

The Education & Professional Development promotes and supports Communities of Practice (COPs) to share information and experiences, increasing knowledge and awareness of timely and important issues in librarianship.

Current Communities of Practice include:

  • Information Literacy, coordinated by Helen Power (helen.power AT and facilitated by Carol Leibiger (c.leibiger AT
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, coordinated by Mark Weiler (mweiler AT

If interested in joining a Community of Practice, please contact the coordinator. If interested in creating a new Community of Practice, please review the Community of Practice Guidelines and contact the EPD Committee chair (james DOT murphy2 AT ucalgary DOT ca).

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