Research & Scholarship Committee

Research and Scholarship Committee
Terms of Reference
Approved January 13/17

The Research and Scholarship Committee is a standing committee of CAPAL/ACBAP, with a mandate to support, advance and promote the diverse research, scholarship and creative activities of Canadian professional academic librarians, and the right of all such librarians to engage in these activities, which are essential contributions to the advancement of knowledge and society.


-identify, develop and deliver constructive means to support academic librarians in advancing their research, scholarly and creative professional pursuits to the highest level
-support and promote academic freedom as fundamental to these pursuits (see: CAPAL Statement on Academic Freedom)
-advocate for having Open Access as the default for disseminating scholarly output by academic librarians
-facilitate communication and connections within the Canadian academic librarian research community at individual and institutional levels
-consult and collaborate with the CAPAL/ACBAP Board of Directors, standing committees and members, as well as with appropriate external individuals and organizations, in meeting Committee objectives.

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