CAPAL members’ listserv now available. Members were sent an email via Eventbrite with instructions on how to join.


**FIRST MEMBERSHIP MEETING. January 2013. Location: Toronto. Details to be announced.

**(Eventbrite) Inaugural Membership Sign-Up:

In the first year, membership dues will go toward legal, administrative and website costs. We are planning a virtual association; hence, further webpage developments will be necessary. We also need to write a constitution and legally establish ourselves as a national, non-profit organization. These developments are already underway, but we need to ensure that we have your full support as we tackle each of these areas. We also want to establish a forum (listserv) for members in our profession to share ideas as we begin to develop our association. Goals and priorities need to be determined.

We have provisionally identified the following areas of interest which we envision will be shaped by our membership. Please join and participate in one of these committees, indicating your particular preferences, interests and ideas:

  • Advocacy Committee
  • Communication & Publications Committee
  • Diversity & Equity Committee
  • Education and Training Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Mentoring Committee
  • Professional Development Committee
  • Scholarship in the Profession Committee
  • Students Committee

To cover costs in the first year, we propose the following membership dues:

Individual (employed) $20.00 + (plus Eventbrite fees and credit card processing fees)

Individual (student, retiree, unemployed) $10.00 + (plus Eventbrite fee and credit card processing fees)

Eventbrite is set-up to collect membership dues and member information, which we can transfer later to our own website (once it is complete). When you sign-up please indicate if you would like to become involved in various committees currently being formed.