CAPAL Conference 2016

Below are the abstracts, presentation slides and papers from the CAPAL 2016 conference.

The conference was held at the University of Calgary, Calgary AB, May 28 – 31, 2016.

The CAPAL 2016 conference program is at:

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SessionPresentersTitleAbstractPublished item(s)
0AMoran, RyOpening KeynoteAbstract
0BCallison, Camille (mod.) ; Ry Moran ; Ann Carr-Wiggin ; Yayo Umetsubo ; Courtney Waugh ; Jessie LoyerRoundtable - Responding to the Truth and Reconciliation CommissionAbstract
0CStewart, BonnieBeyond the Institution: Networked Professionals & Digital Engagement in Higher EducationAbstract
0DLittle Bear, LeroyWhat University Education is About and the Role of University Libraries in View of the TRCAbstract
1AHines, Samantha SchmehlConnecting Individuals with Social Services: The Academic Library’s RoleAbstractPaper
1AStregger, Elizabeth ; Jaclyn McLeanCollections in Library SpaceAbstract
1AHendrigan, HollyLibrarians as Oral Historians: Intersections of Knowledge-based Community Activism and Digital HumanitiesAbstract
1BLee, DeborahLooking Beyond the Library to Understand Indigenous Research MethodologiesAbstract
1BLoyer, Jessie ; Mary Weasel FatTeaching Indigenous Elders as Alternative AuthorityAbstract
1CAskin, NicoleOnline Open Library Engagement: The Example of #1Lib1RefAbstractSlides
1CDoi, Carolyn ; Suzanne RackoverWikipedia and the Library: Righting the Imbalance of Creators and Content through Community Edit-a-ThonsAbstract
1COliphant, TamiPublicly-funded Research and Knowledge Mobilization: An Examination of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research CouncilÕs Community Engagement MandateAbstract
2ABergart, Robin ; Leanne Olson ; Nathalie SoiniHow Hip is the Partnership: The Value of a Generalist Journal in a Niche WorldAbstract
2BUmetsubo, Yayo ; Lee-Anne Broadhead ; Jane Arnold ; Chantal Phillips ; D. Chisholm ; Cameron WheatonIncreasing the Capacity of Information Professionals to Respond to Calls for Action Outlined in the TRC Report: Case Study FrameworkAbstractSlides
2BLeibiger, Carol A. ; Alan W. AldrichYuthókeča*: Rethinking Metaphors for Transformational InstructionAbstractSlides
2CGreen, Harriet ; Angela CourtneyScholarly Commons Spaces and Digital Humanities ScholarshipAbstract
2CCossard, Patricia ; Babak HamidzadehThe Curated Commons, Library Agency in Knowledge-MakingAbstractSlides
2CNelson, KatyWhat Faculty Actually think Librarians DoAbstractSlides
3AAllison-Cassin, StaceyVampire Slayers, Zombies and Cyborgs: The Librarian and Theories of the PosthumanAbstract
3AOliphant, TamiThe Data Turn in Post-Secondary Education: A Critique of Digital Information EcosystemsAbstract
3BMacDonald, ScottDemocratic Theory and the Role of the Academic Librarian: Melding Theory and PracticeAbstractSlides
3BWeston, WilSelection Bias in Collection Development: Un-leveling the Playing Field and Making Matters WorseAbstractSlides
3BCowan, ScottInto the High Schools: Contributing to Critical Inquiry as a Professional ResponsibilityAbstract
3CWadden, JoanneIn Solidarity? Labour Activism at York University: The Fight for Parity by Part-time Librarians and ArchivistsAbstract
3CKoltutsky, LauraAcademic Freedom for Canadian Librarians in the Corporate UniversityAbstract
3CSonne de Torrens, Harriet ; Mary KandiukAcademic Freedom and Professional Autonomy: LibrariansÕ Research and Scholarship in Canadian Academic LibrariesAbstract
4AAdams, Ellen ; Joshua Beatty"The Foundation of Naval Science": Alfred Thayer Mahan's The Influence of Sea Power upon History and the Library of Congress Classification SystemAbstractPaper
4ARandall, RyanProductive Interpretations: Encouraging Patron Agency through Cultural CriticismAbstractPaper
4APuente, MarkThe Bias That Binds Us: Retraining the Brain to Default to the InclusiveAbstract
4BWilson, AnnaDisability in the Academy and the Academic Library ProfessionAbstractSlides
4BMagnus, Ebony(In)visible Minorities: Whiteness, politeness, and diversity in Canadian academic librarianshipAbstract
4BPashia, AngelaIdentity and Information LiteracyAbstract
4CWright, John (conv.) ; Terri Miller ; Joshua BartonReframing the Role of the Research Library: The Rovi Media CollectionAbstract
5APremji, Zahra ; Justine WheelerStudent Assistants: Our Invisible CommunityAbstract
5ADymarz, Ania ; Marni HarringtonConsultants in Our Community Ð Are they in or are they out?Abstract
5BWilliams, MarianneThinking Outside the Book: Experimenting with Creative Tool and Object Librarianship at the Banff CentreAbstract
5BDale, Denise ; and Shirley CallaFashioning Opportunity: SMOC, DReSS, and the LibraryAbstract
5BBrebner, Melanie ; Brenda ChawnerDeveloping Reflective Practice Through Distributed Journal Discussion Groups: the New Zealand experienceAbstract
5CGrewal, KalinaA Town Hall in a Library: Back to the Past?Abstract
5CLove, JohnniequePop-Up Libraries in Academic Settings: ÒTaking it to the PeopleÓAbstractPaper
6AKuntz, BlairLibrary and Archival Destruction in the Middle East and North and Sub-Saharan AfricaAbstractPaper
6APival, PaulWhat's the Role of Libraries in Open Government Data?AbstractSlides
6BPatterson, Margaret ; Justine WheelerCase Study Research as a means of Understanding CommunitiesAbstract
6BSzurmak, JoannaDiscovering, Dissecting and Describing Individual Creativity in the Academic Library Through Narrative InterviewsAbstract
6CNicholson, Karen"Taking Back" Information Literacy: Time and the One-Shot in the Neoliberal UniversityAbstract
6CBehler, AnneEngaging the Portfolio: Giving Prior Learning Experience Life and Meaning through ResearchAbstractPaper ; Slides
6CBaer, AndreaLibrary-Writing Programs Partnerships: Perspectives from the FieldsAbstractSlides
7AUmetsubo, Yayo (conv.) ; Caitlin McClurg ; Nadine Hoffman ; Rhiannon JonesPanel: Embedded Librarianship in Professional ProgramsAbstract
7BHayman, Richard (conv.) ; Kristin Hoffmann ; Justine Wheeler ; Mary Kandiuk ; Harriet Sonne de TorrensPanel: Professional Confidence, Collegial Governance, Academic Identity, Exercising your Rights: Exploring Librarian Engagement with Faculty AssociationsAbstract
7CCowan, Sandra (conv.) ; Leeanne Morrow ; Alix Hayden ; Kim ClarkePanel: Developing Strong Town-Gown RelationshipsAbstract

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