CAPAL Conference 2015

Below are the abstracts, presentation slides and papers from the CAPAL 2015 conference.

The conference was held at the University of Ottawa, Ottawa ON, May 31 – June 2, 2015.

The CAPAL 2015 conference program is at:

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Presentations from CAPAL 2015

SessionPresenter(s)TitleAbstractPublished item(s)
0A Drabinski, Emily ; Heidi Jacobs ; Jessie LoyerPlenary: On Critical Practice: Opening ReflectionsAbstract
0B Giroux, HenryKeynote I: Disposable Futures: Neoliberalism’s Assault on Higher EducationAbstract
0C Roberts, Sarah T.Keynote II: Digital Humanity: LIS Research, Practice, Politics and the Imperative to ActAbstract
1AMcDonough, BethCritical Information Literacy in Practice: An Interpretive ReviewAbstract
1AHarris, Benjamin R. ; Anne JumonvilleAssessment is Dead, Long Live Assessment: Considering the Risks of Engaged Critical PedagogyAbstract
1AGray, LaVerneTrusting the Process: Utilizing Critical Engaged Pedagogy in Information LiteracyAbstract
1BBrook, FreedaWhiteness, Diversity, and the Academic Library Workforce: An Anti-Racist Approach to Recruitment, Hiring, and RetentionAbstract
1BEllenwood, DaveUnmasking Whiteness: An Anti-Racist Approach to Reference ServicesAbstractSlides
1BSchlesselman-Tarango, GinaCritical Whiteness Studies for Academic Librarianship: Problems and PossibilitiesAbstractSlides
1CHayman, RichardPromoting Progressive Approaches to Open AccessAbstract
1CGroover, Myron ; Allison TrumblePolicy, Politics, Porn: Implications of VPL’s Public Internet Policy Debate for Intellectual Freedom and Critical Discourse in LibrariesAbstract
1CKaufman, Amy(How) Do We Serve the Public? The Evolving Relationship between Academic Libraries and the Wider CommunityAbstract
2AMorrison, KimEmancipatory Pedagogy: Students Developing Agency and Academic Literacy Using Assets­Based Hip­Hop Pedagogy & Critical Information LiteracyAbstract
2AKeer, GretchenInformation Literacy Instruction and Research Justice: A Case StudyAbstract
2AFenno-Smith, KyzylValue and Validity in Information Literacy Theory and PraxisAbstract
2BHenk, MandyCorporate Control of the Professional Discourse and Implicatory Climate Denial: The Case of OCLCAbstract
2BEnright, Nathaniel F.The Austerity of Literacy: The Financialization of Information and the Politics of DebtAbstract
2BLilburn, Jeff"Secrets are Lies:" Academic Libraries and the Corporate Control of Privacy in the Age of Commercial Social MediaAbstractPaper
2CThorne, LydiaThe Myth of Librarian Neutrality: Adobe Digital Editions and the Digital Rights "Movement"AbstractSlides
2CGunn, MichaelPeer-to-Peer File Sharing as User’s Rights ActivismAbstractSlides
2CBarnes, Leslie ; Graeme SlaghtLibrarianship as Repair: Text-Mining and Finding the Value in Fixing StuffAbstractSlides
3AForbes, CarrieUsing Critical Feminist Pedagogy to Reframe Information Literacy Sessions for Adult Female StudentsAbstract
3AMcGinniss, JeremyWhat’s With All the Owls? Critical Pedagogy and Student Staff DevelopmentAbstractPaper
3AHarker, Yasmin Sokkar"It Costs How Much?" Developing Student Critical Perspectives through a Discussion of Legal Information CostsAbstractSlides, Paper
3BStoytcheva, SvetaSteven Salaita and the Critical Importance of Context: Contingency and the ALA Code of EthicsAbstract
3BJohnson, HeidiFoucault, the "Facts," and the Fiction of Neutrality: A Critique of Neutral LibrarianshipAbstract
3BRoberto, K.R. You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Booktruck: The Salaita Decision and What It Says About Academic LibrariansAbstractSlides
3CGerolami, Natasha The Library Assemblage: Creative Institutions in an Information SocietyAbstract
3CSahadath, CatelynneMoving Technical Services Offsite: Impetus, Impact, and AttitudesAbstract
3CClyde, Jerremie ; John WrightThe Bureaucratic Library: Agent for ChangeAbstractSlides
3DRoyal Society of Canada (panel)The Future Now: Canada’s Libraries, Archives, and Public Memory Abstract
4ALupien, PascalKnowledge as Power: Teaching Students to Think Critically about Information at University and BeyondAbstract
4ASmith, Lauren"I Think the Only Time I Care about Politics, Is if It Affects Me or My Family. If It Doesn't, I Have No Reason to Care about It:" Exploring Young People’s Political Agency and The Role Of Information Literacy from a Critical Pedagogical Perspective.Abstract
4ANord, MartinInformation Literacy as Utopia? A Critical Evaluation of Information Literacy’s Emancipatory PotentialAbstractPaper
4BCope, JonathanThe Labor of Informational Democracy: Towards an Analytical Framework for LISAbstractSlides
4BTkach, DavidThe Situatedness of the Seeker: Toward a Heideggerian "Model" of Information SeekingAbstract
4CSundaram, ChantalAcademic Librarians at the Bargaining TableAbstract
4CVela, SarahLearning from Others: The Risks of Deprofessionalization as Seen in MuseumsAbstractPaper
4DAndrews, PennyThe Invisible Problem and the Special CaseAbstract
4DMeyer, ErinThe Library as Third Space: Agency, Appropriation, Ownership in a Learning CommonsAbstract
4DShockey, KyleResisting Neoliberal Aurality in the Academic LibraryAbstract
5ACritten, JessicaDeath of the Authority: De-Centralizing "the Author" in Information Literacy InstructionAbstract
5ATrumble, AllisonNew Approaches to Authority: Library Instruction for a Changing Publishing LandscapeAbstract
5BBoyd, Melanie ; Ozouf Sénamin AmedegnatoOn the Front Line? The Prevalence of War Metaphor in Academic LibrariesAbstract
5BWaugh, CourtneyNeoliberal Language in Canadian Academic Library Strategic Plans: A Critical Discourse AnalysisAbstractPaper
5CMontoya, Robert D.The Classification of Digital Emergence: A Critical Examination of the Material Production of Digital Libraries within Special Collections and ArchivesAbstract
5CSmyth, Tom ; Joanne PatersonWeb Archiving as a Collection Development ToolAbstract
6ABeilin, Ian ; Anne E. LeonardEmpowering Students, Renewing Teaching: A Sustainable Approach to Critical Information LiteracyAbstractSlides
6AHolden, IrinaLibrarians for Sustainability: Notes from the Classroom about Designing and Implementing a Freshman Seminar Connecting the Concepts of Science Literacy and SustainabilityAbstractSlides
6APashia, AngelaInformation Literacy through the Lens of FergusonAbstract
6BKuntz, BlairStolen Memories: Israeli State Repression and Appropriation of Palestinian Cultural MemoryAbstractPaper
6BDudley, MichaelDecolonizing Shakespeare Collections in Academic LibrariesAbstract
6BWilson, AnnaComparing Indigenous Approaches to Autism with Western Approaches to AutismAbstractSlides, Paper
6CBufton, Martha Attridge ; Sarah ToddWriting Our Way into Critical Practice: Using Letters to Reflect upon University Teaching and Information Literacy InstructionAbstractSlides
6CBaer, AndreaShushing Library Instructors? Speaking about the Social Structures behind Service Models & Cultivating Equal Teaching PartnershipsAbstract
6CWeiler, MarkAsking Critical Questions of the Education of Academic Librarians in CanadaAbstract
7ABeatty, JoshuaReading Freire for First World LibrariansAbstractPaper
7ASeale, MauraEnlightenment, Neoliberalism, and Information LiteracyAbstractPaper
7ABeilin, IanSupporting and Resisting Student "Success:" A Consideration of the Means and Goals of Information Literacy Instruction in the Neoliberal Academic LibraryAbstractSlides, Paper
7BGreen, RosemaryThe Language We Use to Describe Learners: An Exploratory ReviewAbstractSlides, Bibliography
7BMiller, Sara D.The Formation of an Information Literate Learner: Toward Pedagogies to Address Ontological Obstacles in the Liminal SpaceAbstractSlides
7BWeston, WilKey to Success: How the Academic Library Supports Student PersistenceAbstractPaper
7CShamchuk, Lisa ; Norene James ; Katherine Koch ; Denis LaplanteChanging Professional Roles in Academic Libraries: Structures and RelationshipsAbstractSlides, Paper
7CRevitt, Eva ; Sean LuykLibrary Councils in Canadian Academic Libraries: Scanning the LiteratureAbstractSlides
7DMorrison, Heather ; Jihane SalhabApproaches to Support for Open Access PublishingAbstract
7DCalvé-Genest, AlexisLibrary and Information Practice from the Commons PerspectiveAbstract