CAPAL18 Conference Materials Available Now

The CAPAL18 conference abstracts are now available, including some select papers and presentations.

Papers that have been uploaded include Jennifer Dekker’s “Third Party Intervention in Collective Bargaining Disputes”, Paul Campbell’s “Narrowing the Scope: Transitioning from general librarianship to specialized subject librarians”, and Emily Carlisle and Roger Chabot’s “Just How Open is Open Access?”.

Presentation slides that have been uploaded include Maha Kumaran and Aditi Gupta’s “What is Diversity? A Conversation”, Sara Klein and Bartlomiej Lenart’s “In Search of Shifting and Emerging Librarian Identities”, and Donna Langille’s “Decolonizing Academic Libraries: Critical Information Literacy and Truth and Reconciliation”.

A full list and links to access materials available here:

English (Link to French available at bottom of post)

If you presented and you would like to upload your slides or paper, please contact Doug Fox or send an email to capalibrarians[at]

We look forward to seeing you next year at CAPAL19 at UBC in Vancouver.