CAPAL/ACBAP Census 2018

Dear Academic Librarian,

Our first census, conducted in 2016, garnered 904 responses. We hope to have an even larger response this time. Please consider participating. The census takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Purpose of the Census

You are invited to take part in a biennial census of Canadian academic librarians. A census is an enumeration of a population. For the purposes of this census an academic librarian is anyone possessing an MLIS/MLS degree or equivalent and working as a librarian in a post-secondary education institution in Canada. The Canadian Association of Professional Academic Librarians / L’Association canadienne des bibliothécaires académiques professionnels (CAPAL/ACBAP) collects data on academic librarians in Canada to provide a comprehensive picture of the profession. Data collected includes characteristics such as age, sex, marital status, language, ethnicity, education, rank, and salary.

Collection of this data over time will enable the studying of demographics of Canadian academic librarians, allow for the tracking of trends, comparisons with other professions, support qualitative / quantitative inquiry, and inform policy development.

All questions are optional and you can withdraw from the census survey at any time. No personal identifying information such as your name, email or the institution where you work is collected. More detailed information about data collection procedures, anonymity and confidentiality, as well as ethics review and approval of the census project is found in the preamble.

The census will close at 11:45 pm, September 16, 2018.

CAPAL/ACBAP 2018 Census

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