Join the CAPAL Membership Directory


CAPAL now has a members-only Membership Directory. Please help grow the directory! This new initiative is a way for you to get to know and connect with your fellow members. It is a grassroots initiative deriving from our membership. Members said they wanted more ways to connect with one another — and we are delivering!


Please follow the instructions below to enter yourself in the directory today. It’s easy and you can make changes at any time. If you have any questions or prefer that we add you to the directory manually, just email us at and a member of the committee will gladly add you. The more people join the directory, the more useful it will be.


Important: Access to the directory is for registered CAPAL members only. Our members’ privacy is important — please remember that when using the directory. The information contained in it should not be copied, forwarded or distributed beyond our membership.


Why should I opt in?

As a new association, CAPAL is in growth mode and having a directory supports engagement with the association. You will be able to see which members represent you on the Board of Directors and various committees and be able to identify colleagues in your workplace who are members. You can also help to grow the association by spreading the word about CAPAL and its benefits to your prospective member colleagues. You are our best ambassadors!


How do I get myself listed in the directory?

If you opted to join the directory upon joining CAPAL or when you renewed, you don’t need to do anything more. Please allow 1-2 days for your directory listing to appear.

You can access your profile at any time at by logging in, navigating to the Members Area, and choosing View and change your profile information.

If you did not join or update your profile recently, and simply want to be in the directory, please visit the following step-by-step guide:


What can I do with the directory?

You can use the directory to identify members in your community or with similar job responsibilities or research interests. You can also use it to contact members. It’s easy – simply click on “Send message” and your message will be sent to the member’s email.


What information is included?

You can customize your directory entry to include a little or a lot of information about yourself — as little as your name and email. If you are on a CAPAL committee, that will be shown as well. You may also choose to include your job title, professional interests, website, blog, and institutional affiliation.


Adding and editing your information is easy – here’s a quick guide to get you started:
We want to hear from you. If you have any comments or suggestions about the Membership Directory, please contact us.