Recensement des bibliothécaires universitaires canadiens

The CAPAL/ACBAP Advocacy Committee is excited to be moving forward on their work developing a census of Canada’s academic librarians. Approved by membership at the 2015 CAPAL AGM in Ottawa, the census project seeks to build a comprehensive picture of our profession by collecting high quality demographic data from librarians working in college and university libraries in Canada. The census will be conducted every two years, and the data will be made publicly accessible for research, policy development, advocacy, and education.

The challenges of conducting a census are complex, but after many months of working through issues around privacy and confidentiality, definition of the target population, designing a questionnaire, managing the resulting data, and promoting participation, the project team hopes to distribute the census questionnaire to academic librarians across Canada in Spring 2016. The project has been reviewed and approved by the Research Ethics Board at MacEwan University, and anonymized aggregated data will be deposited and made accessible through the University of Alberta’s Dataverse.

We are very much looking forward to sharing the results of the first census, and we urge all Canadian academic librarians to participate in building this important body of data about our profession!

Questions about the census can be directed to Eva Revitt, at or 780-497-4350.