Access to Information – Vital for Economic Growth and Holding Governments Accountable

On Dec. 9, 2013, IFLA, the International Federation of Libraries Association, launched a joint statement on the need for access to information in globally to ensure there is development, advancement, transparency and accountability, see . As part of the IFLA post 2015 development, the statement affirms:

“Governments, the private sector, civil society and international institutions should make an international¬†commitment to ensure that everyone has access to, understands, and is able to use and share the information that is¬†necessary to promote sustainable development. ”

It enables citizens to “hold their governments to account”. This joint statement by IFLA is not just for third world countries, but reverberates truths facing academic librarians in Canada today as we see research collections dismantled, access to national heritage collections restricted (LAC)¬† and changes in access to government information that will have long-term consequences, see Facing Change: A Perspective on Government Publications Services in Canadian Academic Libraries in the Internet Age .

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