CAPAL welcomes controversial or threatened documents which go missing on the web… 0

Under the tab on the top menu Threatened Documents we have started to post controversial or missing documents pertaining to our professional interests which tend to disappear from the web. We have posted the first version of the LAC Code of Conduct which is now only available for a fee on the web. Contact CAPAL(…)

ANNUAL CONFERENCE – Preliminary Programme 0

Preliminary Programme – February 21 2014 Version française du programme préliminaire (Details available under 2014 ANNUAL CONFERENCE above) SHIFTING LANDSCAPES:  EXPLORING THE BOUNDARIES OF ACADEMIC LIBRARIANSHIP CAPAL/ACBAP Annual Meeting – May 25-26, 2014 CAPAL is currently organizing its first annual conference and next annual membership meeting. This page will be updated with the latest information(…)

CAPAL’s Preliminary Program at Brock University May 25-26, 2014, CHSS 0

CAPAL Congress 2014 – Preliminary Program (English) CAPAL Congress 2014 – Preliminary Program (French) CAPAL/ACBAP Annual Meeting – May 25-26, 2014 Borders Without Boundaries, Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences 2014, Brock University “Shifting Landscapes: Exploring the Boundaries of Academic Librarianship” The boundaries of academic librarianship are shifting. At its inaugural conference the Programme(…)

CAPAL 2014 Conference – Keynote Speakers Announced 0

The Programme Planning Committee is pleased to announce the keynote speakers for the Canadian Association of Professional Academic Librarians’ (CAPAL) inaugural conference Shifting Landscapes: Exploring the Boundaries of Academic Librarianship to be held at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences at Brock University, May 25-26, 2014: Dale Askey, Associate University Librarian at McMaster(…)

Summer Update – Good News! 0

Dear Colleagues, Gradually we are achieving the goals we set at our last membership meeting in the winter. This is to update you on the developments. The following tasks have now been completed: 1. CAPAL is officially a national non-profit corporation, as of June 12, 2013. June 12th is our official annual anniversary. 2. CAPAL’s(…)

Membership Update 0

CAPAL Listserv Launched The CAPAL steering committee has established a membership listserv for CAPAL members to share information, ask questions and help in the formation of CAPAL. Website and Bilingualism In the coming months, the CAPAL website will be transferred to a hosting service. A bilingual website is currently being designed to ensure that CAPAL(…)

Update on January 31, 2013 CAPAL Membership Meeting at OISE, Toronto 0

Dear CAPAL members, We had a constructive meeting on January 31, which began with an open forum (45 min) followed by a membership update, despite conflicts with sessions at the Super OLA Conference and the wintery blast that swept into Toronto on that day. After an initial welcome and a brief update on the origins(…)

CAPAL Meeting Today in Toronto – Open Forum for Non-Members followed by Membership Meeting 0

Members of the CAPAL steering committee have organized an open forum  from 3:00 to 3:45 at the OISE auditorium for those interested in hearing more about the Canadian Association for Academic Librarians, the newly formed association. A membership meeting will follow from 3:45 to 5:30 to review the status and goals of CAPAL.  Address is(…)

Seeking CAPAL Member with IT Expertise 0

If you are a CAPAL member with IT knowledge and wish to share your expertise with the Organizing Committee, we need your assistance. Please send us an email to capalibrarians@gmail.com with “IT Expertise” in the subject heading. Thank you.

FAQ Updated – Responses to Inquiries 0

Under the tab FAQ answers to some of the incoming questions have been posted. We will update this as time permits. Thank you for your interest.