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Update on Dale Askey & Edwin Mellen Press Inc. – Documents and Websites 0

Looking for documents and a historical overview of what has transpired with the law suit initiated by Mellon Press against the Associate Librarian, Dale Askey? On this Drupal site you can download and review letters of support from Canadian and American organizations, and pages of websites expressing their support and concerns. See http://freedaleaskey.plggta.org/

Support Dale Askey & Academic Freedom 0

One simple way of showing support for Dale Askey and academic freedom is to add the following statement and information to your professional signature in your email. If we all do this, it will be a powerful display of support from academic librarians.  Spread the word and join us! We cannot afford to be silent(…)

Say NO to Intimidation – Say YES to Intellectual Freedom 1

CAPAL urges its members and affiliated organizations in Canada to continue to pressure Herbert Richardson, founder and editor of Edwin Mellen Press, to drop the remaining libel lawsuit against the Dale Askey, Associate Librarian, at McMaster University. If you or your colleagues have not signed the petition circulating, please do so: https://www.change.org/petitions/edwin-mellen-press-end-libel-suit-against-dale-askey  Urge students, faculty(…)

Mellen Press – Update in Chronicle for Higher Education 0

Since the original announcement by the CBC, there has been uncertainty about which of the lawsuits have been dropped, as more than one was launched by the Edwin Mellen Press. In today’s Chronicle for Higher Education it states that only the $3 million dollar lawsuit against the librarian, Dale Askey and McMaster University has been(…)

Mellen Press to Drop Lawsuit Due to Public Pressure – Good News! 0

For the latest discussion on this case with Dale Askey, the McMaster University Librarian who is being sued by Edwin Mellen Press, see the announcement by CBC: http://www.cbc.ca/hamilton/news/story/2013/03/04/hamilton-librarian-lawsuits-dropped.html

CAUT Releases Statement: McMaster University to Pay for Dale Askey’s Legal Costs 0

Today, March 1, 2013, on  the librarians’ CAUT list, Jim Turk, Executive Director, released good news, a public statement about McMaster University’s willingness to cover Dale Askey’s legal fees: “Greetings/Salutations, We are pleased to advise you that McMaster University has made arrangements to ensure Associate University Librarian Dale Askey can cover his anticipated  legal costs(…)

A Call to Support Dale Askey! 0

CAPAL’s steering committee encourages all those who are concerned about the case of Dale Askey and Edwin Mellen Press Inc. to change their email signature files to include a symbolic show of support for Dale and academic freedom more generally.  The following suggested text includes links to further information and the change.org petition. Email signature(…)

Edwin Mellen Press update by CBC and others… 0

Today the CBC addressed the Dale Askey lawsuit and includes statements from the publisher: http://www.cbc.ca/hamilton/news/story/2013/02/12/hamilton-librarian-lawsuit.html Full on-going accounts of the coverage of this case can be found on these two websites: http://scienceblogs.com/confessions/2013/02/09/publisher-hits-new-low-suing-librarian-for-criticizing-their-books/  or https://pinboard.in/u:jbfink/t:mcmaster+emp

Unprecedented $3 million dollar lawsuit filed against McMaster librarian for blogpost 11

It’s rare to be sued for expressing your opinion on a blog but that’s exactly what seems to be happening to a librarian at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario. In fact,librarians in both Canada and the US took to social media yesterday to discuss the rumour that Edwin Mellen Press <http://mellenpress.com/> with offices in the(…)