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CAPAL welcomes controversial or threatened documents which go missing on the web… 0

Under the tab on the top menu Threatened Documents we have started to post controversial or missing documents pertaining to our professional interests which tend to disappear from the web. We have posted the first version of the LAC Code of Conduct which is now only available for a fee on the web. Contact CAPAL(…)

ANNUAL CONFERENCE – Preliminary Programme 0

Preliminary Programme – February 21 2014 Version française du programme préliminaire (Details available under 2014 ANNUAL CONFERENCE above) SHIFTING LANDSCAPES:  EXPLORING THE BOUNDARIES OF ACADEMIC LIBRARIANSHIP CAPAL/ACBAP Annual Meeting – May 25-26, 2014 CAPAL is currently organizing its first annual conference and next annual membership meeting. This page will be updated with the latest information(…)

Statement from the Ukrainian Library Association as Tensions Escalate in the Ukraine 0

The International Federation of the Library Associations (IFLA) has posted a statement and photos from the Ukrainian Library Association on this website: http://www.ifla.org/node/8422 . The Statement reads: Dear all, During the months of January and February 2014, the National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine found itself at the center of the anti-government clashes in Kiev. The(…)

CAPAL’s Report to Royal Society of Canada 0

CAPAL-RSC-Statement (PDF file) Canadian Association of Professional Academic Librarians (CAPAL)[1] CAPAL’s Statement to the Royal Society of Canada, Expert Panel “The Status and Future of Canada’s Libraries and Archives” March 1, 2014 Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Royal Society of Canada’s review of the status and future of Canada’s libraries and(…)

TIME LINE: The Closure of Canadian Government Libraries, Archives and Research Collections 5

Documents:  First LAC Code of Conduct (has since been revised) LAC Code of Conduct Jan 2013 Since 2007-2008 the argument of digitizing collections by politicians as a solution for cutting costs and closing libraries in Canada has resulted in the dismantling of collections, laying off specialists, librarians and archivists, closing libraries and restricting access to(…)

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To become a member or renew, go to: membership.capalibrarians.org

University of New Brunswick Teachers Association (faculty and librarians) on Strike 0

For a full account by the faculty association, which cites the core issues pertain to ‘shared governance’ and the continued non-prioritizing of core programming needs, despite continued student enrollment, see http://aunbtweb.wordpress.com/ .

Update on Dale Askey & Edwin Mellen Press Inc. – Documents and Websites 0

Looking for documents and a historical overview of what has transpired with the law suit initiated by Mellon Press against the Associate Librarian, Dale Askey? On this Drupal site you can download and review letters of support from Canadian and American organizations, and pages of websites expressing their support and concerns. See http://freedaleaskey.plggta.org/

Early Bird Savings Until March 31, 2014 for the Conference 2014 0

Registration for the Borders Without Borders CAPAL annual conference at the Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences 2014 at Brock University, May 25-26. Click on the tab on the upper menu, 2014 ANNUAL CONFERENCE to review the current highlights and information about the guest speakers. We have had some excellent paper submissions. More on those(…)